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**Meet Digger** Digger is an amazing friend and family member. With his classic German Shepherd traits, he embodies loyalty, love, and strength. Digger’s character and temperament are a perfect blend of protectiveness and gentleness, making him a versatile and reliable companion in any situation. Whether on the IGP field or around a baby, Digger’s instincts are finely tuned, ensuring the safety and well-being of those around him.


Digger has earned a legendary status among German Shepherd enthusiasts. His exceptional qualities and remarkable lineage have made him a topic of conversation for years to come. As one of the best producers in the breed, Digger has sired progeny that have achieved the prestigious VA (Vorzüglich Auslese) title all over the world. This is a testament to his outstanding genetic qualities and his ability to pass them on to future generations.


However, to his owner Elena Ortiz, Digger is more than just a legendary dog. He is a heartwarming presence, a loyal best friend, and a constant companion. Digger’s unwavering devotion and companionship have created a bond that goes beyond words. Wherever his owner goes, Digger is there, faithfully following as a shadow. 


Not only are we— Team di Casa Ortiz expecting super puppies from him, we also offer him to you as an exceptional GSD for stud service. Digger is undoubtedly a top choice. His impressive lineage, outstanding temperament, and proven track record as a producer of high-quality progeny make him an ideal candidate. Whether you are seeking a loyal and loving family companion or a future champion in sports and shows, Digger’s genes are sure to leave a lasting impact and exceed your expectations. 


In the end, the numbers speak for themselves. We’ve had more than 60 breedings outside of our own. That means over 300 Digger pups are in the USA winning both hearts and trophies. This doesn’t include the puppies from his own puppies.


Whether he is being admired for his legendary status or cherished as a beloved companion, Digger’s presence is truly remarkable.


Anatomy / Genetics: 

Height: 64 cm

Weight: 95 lbs
Hips/Elbows: A1 / A1 





Xet the perfect blend of charm, love, and playfulness! He is the son of Zet von Napte-Emmer-Eck. Zet was VA2 BSZS, which means #2 highest ranked dog in Germany’s German Shepherd show in 2022. He is also the grandson to the renowned Digger von Edelweiss, Xet inherits the best qualities from his lineage, making his puppies an exceptional companion for any family.



Xet carries the legacy of his father. His father Zet is renowned for his courage, character, and temperament, and our Xet embodies these traits, making him and his puppies ideal companions for a lifetime.


With his fun-loving nature, Xet is always ready to engage in exciting activities and bring joy to your home. Xet’s puppies will be by your side, ready to create unforgettable memories over their lifetime.


But it’s not just his playful personality that sets Xet apart. He is also incredibly sweet and loving, always eager to shower you with affection and snuggles. His big, boned physique and sable coat add to his irresistible charm, making him a true head-turner wherever he goes.


Xet’s character and temperament are unmatched. He is known for his gentle and friendly demeanor, making him a perfect match for families with children, other dogs, and even cats. Xet’s ability to get along with everyone ensures a harmonious and loving environment for all.


Don’t miss the opportunity to welcome Xet’s beautiful, unique puppies into your home and experience the joy and love he brings. With his irresistible personality and remarkable lineage, Xet is the perfect addition to any family. 


Anatomy / Genetics: 

Height: 64 cm

Weight: 95 lbs
Hips/Elbows: A1 / A1 




**Introducing Draco** Draco vom Roosvec, the VA9 rated German Shepherd Dog in Italy in 2019, is a true embodiment of excellence. His working capability paired with his correct structure makes him stand out as a stunning example of the breed. He exhibits the breeds fundamental as a working dog. He has his IGP3 title and produces puppies who are equally capable, clear-minded and stable enough to compete.


Schutzhund (“protection dog”), currently known competitively as IGP, is a dog sport that tests a dog’s tracking, obedience, and protection skills, and evaluates if a dog has the appropriate traits and characteristics of a good working dog. Draco excels in this work and is producing puppies that also have what it takes.


Off the sport field whether at home or out in public, Draco’s pleasant charm is undeniable. His friendly and approachable nature instantly puts people at ease. Whether he is meeting new people or spending time with his loved ones, Draco’s warm and inviting personality radiates from him. His gentle demeanor and kind eyes make it easy for anyone to feel a connection with him.


Make eye contact with him and he draws you in. His eyes shine bright, open, and reserved. His captivating expression is unlike most out there. Draco is not just a charming face though; he is also a confident, capable and incredibly strong. His self-assured nature is evident in the way he carries himself. With every step, he exudes a sense of strength and poise, commanding respect from all who encounter him.


Draco’s presence is a gift, a reminder of the incredible bond that can be formed between humans and their four-legged friends. He produces puppies that are just like him and we’re thankful he’s in the program.



*Available for stud*



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