Team Di Casa Ortiz German Shepherds

Youngsville, North Carolina


Welcome to our family of AKC, health tested German Shepherds located in Youngsville, North Carolina!


Our puppies from Team di Casa Ortiz are excellent in family environment, sound in temperament and courageous in character making them suitable as a family dog • working service dog • show dog • IGP dog • obedience dog and companion dog.


We pride ourselves in having top Long Coat and Stock Coat German Shepherds in the United States of America and beyond. All of our males are West German Show line. Our breeding program includes top VA's from Germany and from the USA. Our dogs are always part of our family. 


Our leader Elena Ortiz has been breeding and training German Shepherds from a very young age. She offers over 40 years of experience.  We have had German Shepherds in our family since 1980. Both of her parents were breeders and her father was a trainer.  It is really just part of who she is. She says “this is my form of Art”. We don’t repeat breedings because we don't see why any artist would paint the same painting twice. 


Elena has earned the respect across the country and has been awarded the position of the USCA South East Regional Breed Warden. Elena excels in her own breeding program while also supporting other breeders, youth, enthusiasts, and experts all over the world. Moreover, breeders all over the USA and Internationally are coming to her to upgrade their own programs with her dogs.


Our reason for breeding is to breed the best German Shepherd Dog that is correct in structure, with a clear mind and temperament, having extraordinary character and capability.

Our German Shepherds


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